I usually feel like I can conquer the world tomorrow.

Most evenings, by the time dinner is done and I’m settling in for the night, I’m so excited for the next day. “I’m going to get up early and work super hard in the gym.”

“I’m going to get X, Y, Z errands done.”

“I’m going to work on my business plans… the race…. Those clients… that new class… promotions… social media… the learning video… my CEU’s… cleaning/organizing… goals” etc.

“I’m going to get on those monkey bars to train for my Obstacle Course Race.”

“I’m going to post a new video.”

“I’m going to send a motivational message to my clients!”

I get my exercise clothes out. I set my alarm. I drink water. I get my tea prepared to brew. I make a mental note of who my clients are, and what classes I will see.

Then, sometime about 3:30 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. I dreamily wake up, dreading the alarm that will tell me it’s time to get out of bed.

Somewhere around 5:00, when that dreaded time comes, I am wondering why the hell I do all this.

“Why am I waking up at this hour every day of my life?”

“What is it all worth?”

“Who am I making happy?”

“I really can’t wait to retire!”

I am inevitably in pain. My back hurts. Knee hurts. My foot hurts. My shoulder hurts. My hip feels like it’s going to pop off from pressure.

“What difference does all this pain make?”

“Tomorrow… I AM SLEEPING IN!”

“When is Saturday?!”

I resentfully get up wondering if all of my effort is selfish gain. And if it is, I’m going back to bed!

I love working out because of the results I get. I love the feeling of improving my pull-ups, push ups, squat depth. Nothing feels quite like hammering on that heavy bag!! Man, that’s a powerful feeling!! I love looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a fit 51-year-old. I won’t lie. I love knowing that I am a very fit person. That’s the truth. So do I set that alarm and go through this a.m. agony purely for selfish reasons?

I’ll tell you what…! GOD gave me this body! He gave me this Ability! He gave me this Opportunity. He gave me the People who impacted me. He gave me the Experiences that Taught me! He gave me the Wisdom! And He gave it to me because He wants me to be Better!

Whatever your faith is… BELIEVE That YOU have been GIVEN the body you are in to become BETTER! If going to the gym at 6:00 a.m makes you a better person, then that is what you NEED TO DO!

There is no denying when you bench press one more rep than you thought you could get, when you row 30 seconds faster than last time, when you crank out two more push ups, when you use the heavier kettle bell than last time, THAT IS EMPOWERING! Faster!… Stronger!… More Powerful!… THOSE are CONFIDENCE BUILDERS! No one can tell me those things don’t transfer into a better person in their real life!

Calling all this effort “selfish gain” is an excuse to quit!

YES! It is all worth it!

YES! I you are impacting other people!

YES! All of this WILL make a difference to the planet one day! If not now!

I believe this tiredness, this exhaustion, although it is real, is not legitimate. It is a temporary feeling that cannot be given into.

When it comes to making yourself better, there are no excuses!

There is no pain, no tiredness, no exhaustion worthy of quitting. For me, it’s getting up at 5:00 a.m. and following through with my plan to hit it hard in the gym. If my motivation is seeing the image in the mirror squat an extra 10 pounds, then so be it!

Good night!



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