Never, Never, Never, Never Quit

“Never Never Never Never Quit!!,” says the man on the other side of the computer.

“Quit What?,” I say.

He doesn’t answer.

“What am I NOT supposed to Quit FOR?” I shout out to God.

I need to know for sure what, exactly, I am Not Quitting!

I live in a tiny tourist town. It’s not that we are slower here, it’s just that Things just Are Slower. A tourist town is meant to be a little backwards. That’s what makes it charming. We still write checks. We still have vendors that don’t take credit cards. You can talk to the grocery checker without anyone in line getting upset. Most people don’t know what a Tweet is. Many homes don’t have cell service. Most kids wouldn’t know if the Suns are a high school basketball team near us, or in a state across the country. Many of us have a commute that barely takes us through the length of a radio commercial. Unless we live on a Ranch, then our commute is 30 miles give or take 10, with ½ of it on a dirt or windy road.

It’s not that we are less intelligent, ambitious or keen it’s that opportunity does not come easily here.

It’s just…. Like…. Moving…. In … really… really… really….thick…. MUD!

Whereas in your city, Facetime, Vimeo and Periscope are common vernacular, folks here are talking about the weather. Folks here talk about the weather because that’s what’s important in a rural community. How many tetra bites I need to back up the video on my MacBook Air is not.

Although the potential for being the best in the business of your choice is pretty good in a small town, the potential for being great outside of town is pretty difficult…. Very difficult… I’m feeling: impossible. So I want to Quit.

Occupying this “Space” for the rest of my career is not an option for me. I’m frustrated. Angry. Lonely. For every 1,000 ideas swimming in my head, I get 1 done. One is not good enough. So I want to Quit.

If I don’t Quit……..

What, precisely, Am I Not Quitting?!!

Pretty much all of my weight loss clients have told me they have chronically dieted. Been on a “program” that “worked,” and then gained back all and more weight.

But they keep coming back to this decision to get healthy, or lose weight. “Why?” I ask.

WHY? What would make you Not want to Quit? Where does your mind go that drives you to success? It’s a personal question, with different answers for every individual.

What is the Reason you thought you wanted to change in the first place? (be it fat loss, muscle gain, better fitness……. starting a business)

Maybe you want make a change to your fitness because you don’t want to end up like you mom, with heart disease and diabetes… and always sick. Maybe you want to gain muscle because you were a scrawny kid that everyone made fun of. Maybe it’s because you were a fat kid, left out of all the best team sports. Maybe you want to gain endurance because you want to be active for your grand children. These are issues that can get to the deepest part of you. Whatever it is that gets to the deepest part of you, cling to that!

Cling to that. Cling to that thought every day. Every day that thought will evolve, but cling to the basic theme… the big idea.

THAT is what we must Never Quit.

I want my community to know the exhilaration of accomplishing something they never knew they could, like I know it.

I want to introduce people to movement, and strength, and agility that they have not seen since their youth, or have never seen. I want this feeling for them to manifest as unbridled confidence in real life.

I want gym-time to translate into empowerment and self-efficacy that takes people to a completely different level in their lives today! Now! At this moment in the history of their lives!

This is what I am NOT Quitting for.

I yearn for an audience of people who WANT IT! I yearn to show people – lots of people!– the tools that take them from timid to fearless. THIS Is what I am NOT Quitting for!

Tomorrow, this week/month/year, I will undoubtedly have many clients who are not on board with my mission. This is a huge disappointment for me. But, I know I will have the few who flame the fires within me to keep going. I am forever grateful to those people who make my mission on this planet a worthy one.

May we be a community of people who NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Quit!

Meanwhile, can someone help me with my WordPress Account.

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