Develop a will to win!

I have spent the better part of the last two years endeavoring to get us at Masterpiece Fitness Training to set goals – sometimes tiny steps, and sometimes BIG HAIRY JUICY aspirations.

My purpose for this whole process has something to do with building strength, and speed, and agility, and power and athletic prowess, but much more to do with building confidence.

I want us to set gym-time goals for the purpose of building confidence to reach life goals that make us better people.

I believe your goal to pump out 25 full push-ups should translate into your purpose to be a superior parent. I believer your goal to squat with your body weight on your back should translate into your intention to be a self-assured employee. I believe your goal for a perfect spike approach should translate into your goal to be a better leader. I believe your goal to run farther faster should translate into your desire to be a more devoted wife.

I believe any time we set out to win at one thing, we are more confident to win at other things.

This urging that I impose is tied to the will to win.
I believe we have to have the WILL to WIN. We have to have a profound belief in ourselves that we can and will win. We have to be resolute in our potential defeat the problem with determination and courage. Living a life otherwise, I think, is not living life to its fullest.

When God told me that I was not given a spirit of timidity, I sought to find out what kind of spirit He did give me. When God showed me how my willingness to squander the talents He gave me brought me death, I wanted Him to change me. When I asked God to give me more so that I can have more, I started experiencing an entirely different world.

I started to want to win. I started to expect excellence out of myself. Excellence isn’t being first, but excellence is my laser-beam focus to have victory over my weaknesses. Of course I have not won any race, but there is much more glory in looking ahead, than in looking back.

I want every woman in my circle to want to win; to want excellence. I NEED women like that around me! My purpose in what I do every day is to cultivate a group of women who increasingly want to win, to excel and to become better every day!

Masterpiece Fitness Training moved to a new location in September, 2015. I feel like this is potentially a new beginning, a new era for our little community. I feel like some of us at Masterpiece Fitness Training have the potential to impact a lot of people for immeasurable good! I am nervous and eager to see what adventures unfold. I am resolute to approach the situation with courage. I am purposing to believe we can win! I have been given a spirit of courage, of love and of self-control!

I believe that we will win!!

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