1) If you resolved to eat more fruits and veggies, but have let old habits take over,

RIGHT NOW decide when you can get to the grocery store for just 20 minutes. Literally block out 20 minutes from your day today or tomorrow that you can go directly to the produce department –with no side trips down the middle isles! -. Choose at least five different veggies and at least two different fruits that you will eat this week.

2) If you resolved to exercise an hour a day, but learned you simply do not have that kind of time,

RIGHT NOW decide you CAN commit to 20 minutes a day, (or an hour and 40 minutes in a week). Vary your activities to include strength training, easy walking/jogging, stretching/rolling, and sprint work. A daily 20-minute workout, or an hour and 40 minute weekly commitment is realistic and, even for seasoned athletes, a reasonable plan when you’re overwhelmed with work or other commitments.

3) You hit it really hard after the New Year, and now you’re sick or injured and feeling defeated.

RIGHT NOW, get out your foam roller, your Theracane, your tennis balls, a golf ball, a softball, muscle roller, and your yoga mat and start stretching and rolling. Until you are well, or your injury is healed, this is your workout plan. Stretching and rolling is absolutely necessary for every body, and when you’re injured, a great exercise plan for now.

4) You vowed to get more balance in your life between work and home, but you are just as stressed as ever.

RIGHT NOW, take a five-minute break for breathing and relaxing. Literally set your timer if you need to. Think of a favorite scripture, or a saying that brings you peace or comfort or joy. Take five minutes of time right now to meditate on those words. Many new studies are showing that meditation benefits just about anything, from intelligence tests to pain tolerance. Set aside five minutes every day for meditation, or for writing down five things you are grateful for today.

5) Your exercise class starts 6:30 in the morning and you’re having a really hard time getting up, so your attendance is lacking, causing your fitness to decline. Recent studies continually prove that people who get seven to eight hours of sleep at night are the most productive in their waking hours.

If you are not getting that much sleep, promise RIGHT NOW to shut off your computer, TV or other electronic devices at least 15 minute before bed. In the course of a month, gradually increase that time to 60 minutes. If you work at night and can’t control your bedtime, consider watching my videos on YouTube, Masterpiece Fitness Training to help you keep your fitness when you have to miss a class. The classes are free, and many of them can be done anywhere. (Just not before bed haha!!)

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