Completing 4 rounds of this is just one-third of what I named “Ashley,” a workout I found on Bodybuilding.com, and provided by a trainer on the sight named Ashley Horner.

I can’t tell you how strong my urge was to quit before the 4th round was over, or to half-ass the last few reps. I mean, no one was watching. No one had to know.

But, believe me, the feeling of finishing well FAR outweighs the temporary feeling of relief if I quit.

Friends, I intimately know what it feels like to quit early. Most of my life I did not set goals because I couldn’t handle failure. This is a terrible way to live! If this is you, EXPERIENCE FAILURE if only for the reason that when you EXPERIENCE SUCCESS, that euphoria far outweighs any disappointment of falling short!

When you have worked your hardest to finish well; when you have completed every rep more perfectly than the previous one; when you think you can’t do one more, but you do… THAT will change your life!



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