i can do thisIf you want to build muscle (or definition, or some people say “tone”), you need to train to momentary fatigue.

If you are not training to momentary fatigue, AND you are taking long breaks between sets, you’re not making a whole lot of change to your body.

You need to grab those type II muscle fibers if you want to get some definition. (and who doesn’t, right?!) To recruit those powerhouses you need to work a specific amount of reps to momentary fatigue.

There is a protocol if you want definition (or toning) and it equals INTENSITY, baby! 8-15 reps to fatigue with some rest, but it’s minimal, between sets.

Compound, multi-joint, multi-planar moves are far more effective than machines that emphasize one plane.

Try a workout that sequences primarily upper then lower for about 6 exercises with minimal rest between, then do it again.

Here is a great example.

~10 reps to fatigue

3 sets

Do both exercise pairs 3 times before moving to the next exercise pair

Try minimal rest between exercise pairs

Rest 30 seconds to 1 minute between each set


DB Alternate Arm Bench

Bar sumo squat


Cable lat pull (standing or kneeling)

Sled push 25 yards


Decline push up

Squat hold, to knees, to squat (that’s 1 rep)




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