I’m in AZ at Dreamy Draw Park, one of the entry points to Trail 100. In this beautiful park on this spectacular day are hundreds of potential exercises waiting to be applied to my Circuit. What would you choose for me?

Here are some ideas I came up with. (not including the actual trail… which completely changes the game!)

With my band: Attach to the flag pole for:

  • band press 1 arm
  • band pull 1 arm
  • add a squat to the pull
  • Attach to a park bench for a different angle

At the stairs:

  • Lunge up – taking 2 or three at a time, try going down this way
  • Bear crawl down – ADVANCED ONLY
  • Run up and down stairs
  • Run up 5 stairs jump across railing, keep repeating up and down
  • Boulder carry up and down

At the ramp

  • Hill repeats
  • Lunge up and down
  • Bear crawl up and down
  • Side lunge up and down

At the park bench

  • Repeaters
  • Push ups – all levels, add plyometrics
  • Step ups
  • Jump ups
  • Depth jump

At the horse tie

  • Pull ups
  • Triceps dips
  • Jump ups
  • Jump up and over
  • Squat unders

Reps/sets Choices:

  • 10 reps of each 6-8 exercises, rest repeat for 3 rounds
  • Timed 1 minute for 6-8 exercises, rest and repeat for 3 rounds
  • Timed for 30 seconds each of 4-6 exercise with a 15 second transition time, rest and repeat 4-6 rounds
  • (Zillions of combinations! I CAN HELP!)

As you can see, if you are traveling and the weather is so amazing you can’t imagine going inside, you can come up with a great 30 minute workout – (or longer! Or shorter) using nothing but your body (maybe a band) and stuff at the park. Enjoy!

If you need help contact me at Contact@MasterpieceFitnessTraining.com or Facebook.com/MasterpieceFitnessTraining.

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