I’m a Tourist

It’s early April, and I’m a tourist for a week in AZ. And for this sun-loving, warm-reveling, active former Phoenician the weather is perfect!

I hit trail 100 as fast as I can, and before I know it the tears are flowing. Oh how I miss these hills. Many miles these feet have been on this trail and beyond to the north and to the south, up and around mountains.

03 14 tj in bloomsWhat Happened?

When we moved to the Oregon Coast nearly nine years ago, it all stopped. Abruptly stopped. One life moved on, and another beginning. We bought a blueberry farm… and a horse… and a goat… and chickens, so things just changed. My days were barn chores and berry bush care and animal attention. We lived in a remote area of a very, very small town so finding a running partner was as likely as finding an LA Fitness. (Probably only small-town folks will get that joke.)

Now I run a fitness studio; group exercise – indoors.

20140824_192109And it’s COLD! Cold all the time! Cold and windy and cold, and with the combination of all of the above, my innate desire to be in God’s Country, exploring the great outdoors just disappeared.

I want to Change!

And so I am weeping on the hills of Trail 100 because I need this again! I need my mountains. I need the warmth on my skin. I need my legs to pump up a hill and dash down. I need my breath to tell me I’ve gone far enough. I need the dirt and salty-sweat to cling to my skin. This makes me happy! And I want it.

IMG_1516I need a Plan

But life is enjoyed best when I am willing to compromise and adjust. And life works best when I don’t just go about it haphazardly. I need a plan. To change in the direction I want requires a plan.

Here in AZ I remembered how much I love outdoors, so my next set of goals will involve setting aside time and energy for outdoor living. If I have to be cold, it’s the price for the beauty of the ocean and the advantage of a small town that I have grown to love. But I must get outside.

Here are the goals I’m setting based on what I want for my future.

20150410_130540Big Goal:

Find a group of people who want experience Outdoor Activities with me like Trail running, Playground exercise, cycling, and maybe Stand Up Paddle boarding.

Behavior-based Goals:

At least ONE day per week of outdoor activity

Knee rehabilitation daily

Actively seek out people interested in outdoor activity through social media – Make a plan to go, invite others and go even if no one shows up. Eventually that could change, but without trying, I’ll never know.

20140909_141738What can you do to Change?

Everyone is created to move. Find what you love and make it happen for you! Set goals! Make a purposeful plan to CHANGE what you WANT to see in your life!

I would love to help you!

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