If you want to lose those so called Bat Wings, you MUST DO THIS #1 thing!

bat wings


So you want to get rid of “Bat Wings”

I have the Guaranteed formula for MOST people who want to lose the excess around their upper arms!
If you want to tone, or slim your upper arms, you must do this ONE thing for guaranteed results!

Before I give you the magic bullet… THE ONE THING that is guaranteed (for MOST people) to get rid of those flabby upper arms…

First, let’s talk about what they are:

Let’s be real, what you are looking at when you say “Bat Wings” is usually excess body fat and/or …mmhmmm…. lazy arms. When you don’t exercise, you will see excess fat everywhere throughout your body. Body fat does not discriminate from an arm or a leg or a breast. It goes wherever it wants, and some of you just notice it on the upper arms more than others.


That said… for some people, what they see is just simply excess skin. Maybe you gained and then lost a bunch of weight, or maybe you are in your later years of life. Your skin is just going to be there. Not to say you can’t build some muscle in the arms to give you a more “toned” look, but you might just have to take a few bits of extra skin to your grave.

Then let’s talk about what will NOT work

You can not “Spot Reduce!!”

THIS exercise

is helpful; it can build muscle and give you a toned look, but you can do this ’til the cows come home and it will not give you the results you want.

Your access fat, whether on your arms, face, legs, or belly does not disappear from repeated motion in that area. If this were so, a tennis player would have one really, really, really tiny arm.


You cannot sweat it out!

There is no such body suit that you can wear that will cause you to burn fat any faster than if you did not wear it. In fact, it’s probably the opposite.

arm sweat

Now that you have heard what, exactly, those “Bat Wings” are, and what absolutely will not work, are your ready to hear the answer?

it’s probably not what you think!

Did you guess?


SET Behavior-based GOALS! (with the intention of keeping your commitment to yourself!)

If you have an area of your body, (like flabby upper arms) that you would like to change, you must set behavior-based goals that will lead you to your outcome goal!

If you want to have a more “toned” look (which is really MUSCLE), (that’s the outcome) then you need to lift weights, and you need to do it regularly, consistently and progressively.

If you want to lose body fat so those arms are a little less voluminous, (that’s the outcome) you must set behavior-based goals that revolve around more movement and better food.

Ok! So there you have it!

The NUMBER ONE SECRET to getting rid of those Bat Wings!

Set Behavior-Based Goals with the intension of keeping your commitment to yourself!

As always, you can contact me to get help!



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