If you are tired of carrying around that extra tire in the middle, I have the SECRET FORMULA with guaranteed results!

My secret is NOT what you think! But it is by far the most reliable, proven method for losing belly fat. You will NEVER have to be burdened by that extra bundle at the middle again with this #1 most trustworthy method!

Before I tell you my secret, let’s talk about how belly fat forms.

  • Many people have a low tolerance to starchy, man-made foods like pasta and breads. For some people, consuming too much of these kinds of foods, causes meat around the middle to grow.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverage after work can feel like a good way to wind down after a long day. But alcohol is truly empty calories, and can derail any efforts to lose fat, especially for those who are not honest about how much they drink, or how often.alcohol belly fat
  • Sugar. Do I need to say more about this? Really? Ok, I will… Too many foods (most preposterously, those sold as “healthy” foods!! GRRR!!!) contain SO MUCH SUGAR. Sugar for breakfast, in coffee, for a snack, in a sandwich, in condiments, in beans and vegetables oh my! An addiction to sugar is a huge contributor to belly fat.
  • Lack of exercise is one of the most significant health risks -Even more dangerous than smoking. People who sit, and don’t move will plump at the tummy.


Ok… some questions before I let the cat out of the bag… for the #1 most RELIABLE WAY to LOSE BELLY FAT!

  1. Are you eating starchy, man-made foods daily?
  2. Are you drinking every night? And/or more than one drink?
  3. Peruse your pantry and fridge, how many items contain sugar?


  1. Are you getting at least 60 minutes of exercise every day? Are you including resistance training in your exercise routine?

If you answered YES to #1 and 2, “A lot” to #3, and/or NO to #4, I will tell you my secret!




Set behavior-based goals and/or Habit-based goals that lead you toward success at your Outcome-based goal (to lose belly fat, for example.)

Behavior-based goals and Habit-based Goals are the most reliable method for success at achieving Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Behavior-based goals and Habit-based Goals train your mind to CHANGE so that you set yourself up to win at whatever you see yourself doing or looking like in 6 weeks, 3 months, 1 year from now.

Your Behavior-based goals need to be

SPECIFIC (i.e. “Spaghetti only once per week, instead of three times per week.” As opposed to “eat less pasta.”)

MEASURABLE (in the above example, you can keep track of how many times you have pasta.)

ATTAINABLE but challenging (i.e. take a small group personal training class 3 days a week, walk 2 days a week)

RELEVANT (you must dig deep in your heart for WHY you want to make the change. It is NOT because you want to get rid of belly fat. It is much, much deeper than that. WHY do you want to lose belly fat? Why again? Getting to the bottom of this question is so important for when you want to quit – and you WILL – You need words to tell yourself that sacrificing – or saying “NO” to — what you want now is more important than sabotaging your overall goal.)

TIME-BOUND (most people operate better when there is a time-frame established. At MFT, we set behavior-based goals that we intend to do during the current six weeks. These little goals are intended to either exchange a bad habit for a good one, or help prepare us for an event.


So, there you have it!









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