Everywhere I go I overhear people talking about their “Cheating” on their diet.

“I shouldn’t have this Caramel Macchiato, but I’m just going to have a Cheat day.”

“I’ve been doing so well with my diet this week, but today I Cheated at lunch with a piece of birthday cake.”

“I love that restaurant, but it’s impossible not to Cheat on my diet when we go there.”

This Cheat philosophy has never sat right with me.

I feel like if you are on such a strict dietary regimen that you cannot enjoy foods that you love, you are on the wrong diet.

If your plan is impossible to maintain, I think you need to re-think the plan.

To reach and maintain your fitness and wellness goals, you need to be in it for the long haul. Whatever you do needs to be maintainable till the day the Lord calls you home.

That said: “Moderation is everything” cannot be overstated.

If you are indulging in lots of pasta, bread and other refined foods, plenty of alcohol, or pastry on a regular basis, then health and wellness are obviously not on your priority list. Not because they are Cheat foods, but because they do not support a healthy body.

And this article is not for you.

I think the better way is to change our thinking; our vernacular from foods being Forbidden because they are not on our Diet, to foods that don’t support a healthy immunity, or digestive tract, or brain function.

I would be happy to go grocery shop with you, and to share thought about what’s in your cart if that would help you make healthy choices for a strong life.







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