My alarm is ringing again at 4:45 a.m.

No matter how well I sleep, there seems something not right about waking up at “O’ Dark Thirty.”

I take a few seconds to consider my day, my week, the next 6-week period, the upcoming Summer, my BHAG, (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), and for a sleepy moment I ask myself “Do I REALLY need to do this NOW?”

Then, I’m reminded of one of the most important adages of all time: “Ask Not When You Are Tired.” Or, Don’t-make-any-really-important-decisions-when-you-are-burned-out/tired/fatigued… or before sunrise.

One of the most important rules of morning exercisers is to decide the night before what you are going to do when the alarm rings, because when the alarm rings is not the time to make the decision.

Morning exercisers have learned to set their alarm, check it twice, check it again, get every item of clothing ready and easy to reach, and, of course, have the coffee pot ready to brew.

Before-the-Sunrise exercisers leave no decision unturned; they do not ask “Why?” They do not wonder if this is the right decision. They do not consider if there is a better option.

a.m. exercisers trust their night-before mindset, not their morning-of mentality! They get up and Work their BHAG. No questions asked.


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