Danielle LaPorte (Danielle LaPorte) created a program, if you will, called “The Desire Map.” She calls for goal-setters to re-consider, or flip up-side-down, how we word our goals.

I have said many times our goals must get to the very deepest part of us, or we are at risk of falling into temptation, and potentially quitting.

Specifically: “I want to lose weight because I want to fit into my size 10 jeans,” sounds like a great goal, but it is sure to fail you when you’re tired and very hungry

Danielle suggests we start with asking ourselves what we want to FEEL. By setting the Goal at what we want to feel, all the tangibles fall into place from there.

Specifically: Repeating “I want to feel radiant,” might be more effective at keeping you from stopping at Dairy Queen for dinner.

I like it!

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