A woman complimented me the other day on my figure and asked, “A lot of it probably has to do with your eating, right?”

To avoid conversation about food, I said, “Yes, that’s right.”

I’ve had that question before, and many people assume I am a “Clean Eater.”

But in all honesty, I can’t really say that’s true. You see, I have a confession to make: I am a Fast Food Junkie!

(I am going to be painfully honest with you! This article is going to reveal some food faux pas that I do that might surprise people who know me. But, Please… Please… if you have gotten this far, please do me a favor and read to the very end, because I have point to all this. And if you’ve ever read one of my blogs you know it is not what you think it’s going to be.)

So… OH MY! I said it! I am a Fast Food junkie!

I don’t like a lot of food, you see. Food is not very often appealing to me, and I don’t really like to eat, so I have resorted to Fast Food.

However, probably not the fast food you’re thinking. Though. What I tend to grab are Kind bars, Builders


In my job, I probably burn more calories than most people. Often, I am in non-stop movement for four, five or six hours straight, and often lugging some sort of resistance. Not to mention the mental challenge, which if you know about energy expenditure, you know a brain in motion burns a lot of calories!

I don’t get a lot of opportunity to eat, so there has been many-a-day when a Cliff Bar hinged between me and total brain fog.

Other fast food that I’ll scarf down is locally ranched hardboiled eggs mashed in a coffee cup with some mayo. Same with a pouch of tuna. Cheese. Avocado. Sprouted grain bread and peanut butter, or my preferred alternative is cashew butter with sliced apple. I’ve recently tried to add sliced zucchini with ranch dressing. But I’m just learning that one.

If I need to eat on the road, I’ll stop at the grocery store and find some Cole Slaw, Kale salad or other pre-made, interesting vegetable concoction. Or I’ll get a small container of cottage cheese and a fruit.

These fast food choices are hardly what I’d call “Clean Eating.” But they are what sustain me at this stage of my life. I know I really need to improve my quality protein and produce choices, among other things, but my life is busy and I am doing the best I can at this stage of my life.

I do want to eat for a strong body, a willing soul, and a sharp mind. But, I have to accept what I’ve created for myself at this moment and do everything I can every day to make some small improvements. Sometimes it’s adding more organic vegetables, sometimes it’s something else entirely. But I go one step at a time.Andrea 066

Let that be for you! If you are a Fast Food Junkie, in whatever shape or form, recognize it is what you have created for yourself, and when you are ready to see changes, take them one step at a time. Maybe you add farm-raised eggs to your day. Maybe you add an extra helping of organic vegetables to your night, maybe you take five minutes for prayer and thanksgiving each morning… whatever it takes for you to make you a better person today, NOW’s the time!

Let’s do this together!

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