I have run a marathon before. And I can tell you, training for a marathon is Simple.


I’m inspired to write this because I got my new Runner’s World today and in it is a Marathon Training Plan. Totally Simple! Run four days a week and, badda-bing, badda-bang… 16 weeks later, we are Racing 26.2 miles!


What do you do four days a week that you don’t even think twice about? Go out to eat? Play video games? Watch TV? Walk the dog? Surf the net? Read? If I can cook dinner for my family four days a week, surely I can run four days a week!

Running is exhausting, I know. But how many things do you do every week that are exhausting! Change diapers ad nauseam? Ditto for laundry? Grocery shop? Weed and mow? Or all of the above? Study for your BS, or MS or PhD? If I can go to work for 10 hours straight, I should be able to run for a few minutes!

The simplicity of training for a marathon is almost diabolical. Marathons seem so daunting, and just the word itself is the quintessential “damn that’s long!” cliché.

But the truth is, marathon training, like training for any goal you may set is as simple as pie: One day at a time. One mile at a time. One minute at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Break it down to its most simple parts, and badda-bing, badda-bang, you have “marathon-like” success!

Want to lose a few pounds (Or a lot of pounds)? For four days a week, snack on vegetables instead of crackers. Do four jumping jacks every time you brush your teeth. Park four parking spaces further from the door. Simple.

Want to be fitter at 50 than any other day in your life? Four days a week walk 13,000 steps instead of 10,000. Do four push ups before every meal. Join a gym and commit to 40 minutes each week. Simple.

And just like in marathon training where week 1 might be 20 miles, week 2 will be 23 miles, and week 3, 25, your weight loss /fitness plan will progress in time or distance. And just like marathon training starts with one day of a few hill –repeats and progresses to several, longer, steeper hill-repeats, your weight loss/fitness plan will get more challenging.

No one tackles a marathon with zero training and expects to succeed. (well, almost no one!) Better said: Everyone who succeeds at a marathon starts with the lowest common denominator necessary.

Get it? Start Simple. It’s that Simple!

(I can help!)

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