I like the “Live For Now” philosophy. I think that’s part of what Solomon was talking about in Ecclesiastes 3 “To every thing there is a season…”

I think we all do need to spend more time “being present” as Current Day Philosophers, Eastern Philosophers and Jesus remind us to do.

I think when they talk about Living for Today, they’re talking about enjoying the moment with our children, with our parents, with our spouse, under an oak tree, at work, in prayer… and not thinking about all of the things we should, shouldn’t, can’t, hate to, want to do, or regret doing.


I don’t watch TV, so I could be wrong here, but when beverage company like Pepsi markets that slogan, I’m skeptical. I see their ad “Live for Now” and I see an assembly of advertisers persuading us that enjoying 10-30 teaspoons of sugar right now is ok because we are Living For Now.

Your health, and Living For Now might seem a paradox. “I love this food, and so I’m going to enjoy it because life is too short!” Vs. “I better not eat this because my blood sugar levels get too high when I do.”

At what point do people get to Live For Now at the risk of harming others? There are consequences for whole societies when people make poor health choices.

Ignoring the future, or others around them by eating what they want because they are justifying their right to Live For Now is as ridiculous as justifying a crack addict for robbing a house because he has to get money to feed his addiction.

I am a huge fan of the free market society. It is the only economics that works. In a free market society, we have the freedom to choose what we buy and what we eat. If we don’t buy it, they don’t sell it. If we want it, someone will find a way to sell it.

Sometimes our food choices will mean we have to Live For Tomorrow. And that’s OK! For some, tomorrow will come way to soon if choices don’t wise up, so make wise choices now so you can Live for Now at the lake with your family, running in the woods with your dog, walking on the beach with your sister….

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