IMG_1845I approached this run with trepidation. I’m still nursing a semi-broken knee, and this was my first run in a long time. But today was one of those days I had to risk further damage to nurture my soul.

The sign read 1.5 miles to Ridge Trail. I decided I’d try that distance, but not get down on myself if I gave up before I reached the end.

The whole time I’m saying “You can do this… You can do this,” and I’m thinking of those times in our lives when it’s time to make it happen.

Some of you need to give yourselves much more grace. Some of you need to walk, not run; take pictures along the trail; focus on slow, methodical breaths. This blog is NOT for you. Hit the little X in the corner of your screen now.


Some of you, however, need to seriously get up off your ass and make it happen! Some of you need to “Shut up and Run,” as my new instagram friend, Robin Arzon says. (The title of a book she just published, by the way, that I can’t wait to read!)

Some of you are still sleeping in when you know full well it is within you to get up and go.

Some of you are still making excuses when your soul is burning for more.

Some of you are taking your health for granted, handling you goals cavalierly, and ignoring the inner voice, who knows what you’re made of.

It’s Time, Sisters! It’s time to stop messing around with your life, and get going!

If you want to lose weight/get stronger/feel more energized/feel sexier/walk taller/change your blood profile/change your metabolism/impact depression/be pain free/compete in your sport…. Whatever it is, if you are not doing what in your heart you know you need to do, now’s the time!


Find your trail, Sisters! Find what you love , rehearse it; use those words to help you be amazing!

“I can do this!”

“Nothing to it!”

“I am an athlete!”

“Nothing can stop me from living my dream!”

“I am growing stronger every day!”


Visualize success as you lace up your exercise shoes:

“I love my kids, and I am amazing for them!”

“People want to sit next to me on the airplane”

“I wake up energized”

“Dumb bells, Barbells, Sandbags, Ropes & Ladders, here I come to DOMINATE!”


I have been off and on running for about 30 years. It has always been my best prayer time, planning time, and zone out time. I have found the sport I love that takes me on the trails, and catapults my goal of feeling strong (Obstacle Course Racing).

This is MY time. I hope you’ll join me.


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