I’m visiting Roseburg. I have a great “Heavy Day” planned, so I head to the weight room and hit it.

I’ve been a gym-rat since 1984, so I’m usually pretty confident in these settings.

But, I’m feeling really awkward here. This must be how newbies feel when they join new gym.

  • I don’t know my way around.
  • I don’t know what they have.
  • I don’t know exactly what weights I should lift.
  • I don’t know their equipment.
  • Should I ask someone to spot me?
  • Is someone else using that bench?
  • Am I outside of some etiquette here?

At some point, I just decided this room is not right for me. So, I grabbed my stuff and headed to a different area of the gym where I was much more at home.


I’m not saying I quit. Well… not in a bad way.

What I am saying is, I recognized this is not the day to follow through with the plan.

What I am saying is, I recognized staying with my discomfort was not a matter of being Courageous, but a matter of being ineffective.

I think, sometimes we need to be Brave, and other times we need to Move On.

Sometimes you need to be Brave! There comes a time when you are going to have to get out and find a program that will take you out of your comfort zone, but you stick with it. Change can and will happen if you are willing to keep pushing through the discomfort.

Sometimes you need to move on; to recognize that you are ineffective in your current program. Change is much more difficult if you dread the plan.

Recognizing the difference is being true to YOU, yet still keeping the end in mind.

Happy Training!



Inactivity is the most dangerous health issue facing our world today. More people are inactive than any other time in history, and we are entrenched in terrible consequences. And yet, there are tens of thousands of exercise programs and gym that exist to help. If you are inactive, keep looking for a place or program that feels right for you.



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