This workout is really intense! We did it all in one session, but I might recommend you break it up into 2 or 3 different workouts. Certainly Newbies will NOT want to conquer this all at once.

One: AMRAP “Sprint” 10 minutes 10 reps each
1. KB Goblet squat
2. Push up
3. SL reach and knee drive with some weight

Be sure to keep your chest lifted for your KB squat, and get DEEP!
Make your push ups challenging for YOU (i’m doing Triceps push ups here)
I have SL reach with a sand bag. You might grab a DB, that way you can functionally work your arms.
Do your best to keep moving. Take a quick burst of whatever your doing and think of “how hard can i work and only need a short teensy break.”

Two: Barbell 5 reps of everything 5 rounds (you can challenge yourself for time)
1. Push Press /shoulder press
2. Side Lunge
3. Triceps Extend
4. Back weighted step up

Grab a weight you can live with. My set included 10# weights on each end. It got SUPER challenging (and why my legs are thrashed as of this writing the next day!)
I can’t triceps extend with the big bar, so I had my lighter bar handy for that. You might need to grab different bars for upper and lower body.
Your side lunges are a LEG work, NOT a low back work. Keep you back/chest up and work to get your ass toward the ground! (i.e. BEND YOUR KNEE)

Three: Grand Finale 2 minutes of each exercise with a 1 minute break in between
1. Jump Rope
2. Step
3. Burpee
4. Battle Rope
5. Sled Push

Do the best you can to keep moving!
Do anything you can make up on the Step
Do anything you can make up on the Battle Rope
I had only 45# on the Rogue sled, but by now, it was a killer!

There it is!

When you are ready to HIT IT HARD, THIS is your workout!

OR break it up into 2 or 3 parts.


Let me know how it goes!


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