“If you don’t want to quit at least once a month, you are not trying hard enough.”

What welcome words of wisdom did I hear today! on a podcast called “Innovation Ecosystem” with Gillian Zoe Segal, author of a new book called Getting There-A Book of Mentors.

How many times have my Blogs been about Quitting. At least once a month for the last three years when I’d desperately want to crawl into a little ball in my bed I thought I was just being weak. Then this little podcast comes along to tell me I am completely normal! And I’m in good company with some of the most famously successful entrepreneurs in the world.

I believe I have something to give this planet. I believe the world has something to gain from my past, my wisdom, my experience, my knowledge. I was not born an accident. I was divinely created to be me and to offer something valuable and necessary to edify others and to glorify God.

Most of the time I’m lost. After nine years in a tiny town I am grossly behind the 21st Century. I am aging. I am a recovering perfectionist/codependent. I have thousands of hours of old tapes telling me I have no value or worth.

But I am committed to fighting for a life worthy of my calling. I will want to quit, but the alternative is so exciting and beautiful and moving.

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