I recently learned about a so-called “Growth Mindset. ”

Coaches of high-end athletes have been well aware of a growth mindset for years. A Growth Mindset is one that believes abilities can be developed. I used to have a Fixed Mindset, which is one that believes that all skill and talent are fixed traits.


Much of the research these famous coaches use is from Carol Dweck, a world-renowned Stanford Psychologist. I’m sure you’ll want to know more, so look it up at http://mindsetonline.com/ You can catch a podcast of her interview on http://sportscoachradio.com/ Look for Praise, Criticism & Shifting Mindset with Carol Dweck.

In a Growth Mindset, Failure is part of the package. Failure is an opportunity to work harder, train tougher, dig deeper, and think smarter for the next effort.


In Spartan last year, I failed four obstacles. This year, I have intentionally worked, and trained, and dug deep on those failed obstacles, visualizing success, because I know now that success is totally possible.

Wow! My new mindset is so Empowering, and thus inoculates my soul with more joy and zest for life!

Can you imagine the bondage living a life never believing you can improve, and then the freedom of changing into a person who knows improvement is inevitable?


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