Three things have permeated my thinking lately: my future, my relationship with God, and the ARPwave.

I’m on hiatus and the nature of which, as I understand it, is to use the time to open oneself up to new possibilities, to expand knowledge, and explore opportunities for the future. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve read, or am in the middle of reading (and applying) three or four books, I’ve listened to a dozen or more podcasts, I regularly read about six different types of magazine as well as magazines on line, emails, Facebook postings, and twitter links.


During this process of self-evaluation, I am talking to God a lot, analyzing our relationship, what it used up be, and what it has become, and what it will be if we continue on this path. It’s been a good track for me and I’m assuming for Him too. I seriously feel like we’ve really come to a much better agreement about Life than ever we have.

Then ARPwave. The ARPwave has been a practice in tolerance and focus … really, Focus. Focus on what I want, not on what I don’t want. Focus on what I can do, not what I can’t. Focus on positive, not negative. Focus away from pain, and toward results.

So many times Paul asked me to do something I simply could not do. But I refuse to utter the words “I can’t” because I know that one day I Can and I Will, so there is no sense in saying I can’t. I just keep giving 100% of what I have.


Then there’s the concept of giving 100% “Of What I have.” I feel like that’s a pretty important standard to set: “Of What I Have.” My 100% will look very different than another person’s, and very different after a hard day than after a relaxing day. I have found that some people seem like they are only giving 20% or 50%, but they tell me they are giving their very best. So, I have learned not to judge, but just to ask, “Given how you are feeling today, are you giving all you have to give?”

I like people who give 100% of what they have. I think it’s a very important character trait.


The ARPwave is an intensely painful process, one that requires me to absolutely trust the practitioner to not hurt me. It’s good to be in such a position: to trust. And to give 100% of what I have.

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