I feel a little bit like a cheater at life being a trail runner. I mean, I feel like, as a trail runner I have an advantage over everyone else.

Trail running is the ultimate experience… no wait it’s not the ultimate experience… it’s the avenue by which you can reach your ultimate experience.

  • Want to be closer to God? Best way is through rail running.
  • Wanna be more Mindful or in Flow? Trail running gets you there.
  • Exercise outdoors is one of the most effective prescriptions to beat depression.
  • When you trail run, you get to be intimate with nature: –everything that is the very perfection of everything with your vision, your breath, your touch, your hearing.
  • Trail running builds endurance, stamina, fortitude, faith in yourself, strength, mental quickness, agility, focus.

This is the stuff of life!

See what I mean? If you’re not a trail runner, you miss out.



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