Just about anyone who exercises regularly can complete an Obstacle Course Race (OCR).

But, with a little extra training, you can complete an OCR Victoriously! And THAT, my friend is the stuff that changes lives!

It’s one thing to manage those Monkey Bars, it’s another to conquer them!

It’s one thing to get over that inverted wall, it’s another to glide above it like a ninja!

It’s one thing to inch up that 15 foot rope, it’s a completely different story when you can hardly notice the difference between that and pulling a large piece of string!

You can “get through” and OCR, or you can dominate! And a little sport specific training will make all the difference!

Here is a list of things you need to practice in order to Dominate at an OCR

  • Strength (especially pulling/gripping)
  • Agility (especially through rough terrain)
  • Anaerobic capacity (or quick recovery)
  • Skill (for specific events that are at OCRs)
  • Confidence! (built through repetition of hard obstacles, and encouragement: “You Can and You Will!” attitude)

If you’ve been going to a gym, getting in some good heavy reps, that’s AWESOME! If you’ve been adding some Burpees to the mix, even awesomer!

But if you want to dominate, you gotta have a strength protocol, and find those walls, ropes, and trails!

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