An Obstacle Course Race is at least 5 to 1, Trail running to Obstacles. So, this short little workout is a great representation of what you’ll feel in a race.

Set your timer for a 5 minute first interval, and a 1 min 10 second interval.

Bike 5 minutes – change the exercise as often as you want, such as seated sprint, standing heavy hill, standing sprint, “isolations,” pedal with the beat, seated heavy hill. Lots of options!


Pull ups 1 minute – I used my pull-up time to practice walking up the wall. You can either do traditional pull ups (use whatever cheat you need to get up!), rope pull up, towel grip pull up. Rings pull up. Lots of options!


High step up 5 minutes – You’ll be here 5 minutes so get creative. Repeaters. Up, up, down, down. Box jump. Up, tap, down. Up, kick, down. Lots of options!


Deadlift 1 min – grab the weight that you know you could handle for 1 minute, but also will challenge you!


Rope 5 minutes – this is tough one for 5 minutes, but get creative and do your best not to quit! Slams. Grapple grip slams. Outside circles. Just bend at the elbow facing the rope, and away from the rope. Alternate arm slams. Lots of options!


Repeat as many times as you like! 1 = 17 min’s.




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