Please note: This workout is EXTREMELY CHALLENGING!! Do not attempt Circuit 2 if you cannot hold a handstand for at least 1 minute. Take whatever modifications you need to get closer to your goal.

I call this “Endure it! Don’t Quit!” because we really wanted to quit after the 3rd one. And definitely after the 4th one! When you push through comfort zones, you become a stronger person! Not just physically!

I have two circuits for this workout.

After a thorough warm up….

Circuit 1:


Ride a Stationary bike for  5 minutes with some kind of change every minute: stand, sit, sprint, heavy hill etc.

Every Minute On the Minute 2 sets of 10 hanging toe taps.


Then back on the bike for another 5 minutes of the same thing as above.

That’s it!

Circuit 2:

(I didn’t make this up… it’s just a workout we do whenever we feel like we need to push past comfort zones)

5 reps of all

5 sets of all of it! (Not 3! Not 4!)

  1. Burpee, push up, Row (“Woman Maker”)
  2. Thruster
  3. Plank to wall walks, x5E shoulder taps.

Burpee with a push up and a row with Dumbbells: Hold your dumbbells by your side, bend forward and pop your legs out like your doing a Burpee, push up, then row each arm. pop back in with the legs and stand. (Your back care is extremely important here! don’t let your hips sag as you pop out and hold the plank. Care for your back as you stand with heavy weights) That’s 1 rep. Do 5


Thruster: Hold your dumbells at your shoulder. Squat deep, then thrust your hips forward, and the DB’s over your head as you stand tall. (Remember to push the DB’s UP not Forward. At the top, your hips stand tall, not pushed forward. Squat so your thighs are parallel to the ground and body weight is on the heals.) Grab a heavy enough weight that 5 reps reps challenging.


Plank to wall walks, shoulder taps: Start prone on the floor with feet on the wall. Walk your feet up the wall and walk your hands so your body moves toward the wall. Tap each shoulder 5 times. That’s one rep. Do 5. (Unless, of course your shoulders are wearing down! Do not attempt if you feel in danger!! If you can’t hold a handstand for more than 1 minute, do handstands instead of this. Make it your goal to be able to do this!)


Do this 5 times!

That’s it!

Be sure to take care of you body and cool down, roll and stretch as needed!

Let me know how it goes!


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