This is another Obstacle Race Training workout where I wanted to maintain pace. I, of course, want to challenge myself to work my hardest, but I want to work at a pace that I know I can maintain for the allotted time.

Many times I’ll have a workout that asks us to work “balls to the wall” and then take a break just long enough to be able to start Balls to the wall again.

But this workout is intended to be paced so we can practice feeling how hard we can push ourselves without having to stop for a break.

My ultimate vision is approaching every obstacle without having to think about it; without having to take a breather to make it happen because I got my HR to high. The day I make that bucket carry without taking a break, I know I’ve reached a whole different level in my training!

Set your timer for five minutes.
You will bike before every exercise.
I have an Airdyne here.


  1. Bike 5 minutes. Get variety. I’m standing in this pic. You can emphasize legs only. Pulling with the arms or pushing with the arms only. Going as fast as you can with all limbs. Going with the beat of the music. Etc.
  2. Hanging to taps. This is loosely speaking. I can’t do hanging toe taps for 5 minutes, and realistically it’s probably not so good on the back. So, in order to keep going I dropped to the ground and did some nice back extend exercises until I was ready to go at the toe taps again. (The point is, I kept going safely)
  3. Bike
  4. Sled push/pull. Put enough weight on there to be able to challenge yourself, but to be able to continue without stopping. Push forward and use a rope (practice your grip) to pull back.
  5. Bike
  6. Monkey Bars. It’d be super cool to be able to hang for 5 minutes on a monkey bar, but I’m not there yet. I think for most of us, taking a break is inevitable. However, I like setting the timer for 5 minutes because it challenges me to push past comfort zone. I know without a shadow of a doubt I would have otherwise stopped after about 3 minutes “because it’s hard!” But I am faithful to my plan, and so as long as I felt my shoulders were safe for more, I got my ass back up there until the bell rang.


Let me know how it goes!

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