Kind of tongue in cheek, but actually quite true.

  1. Most people I work with are dehydrated. If you are dehydrated, drinking enough water could solve a lot of health issues. Problems with sleeping at night? Problems with too much body fat? Problems with lethargy? Skin problems? Bowel problems? Of course water may not be the cure, but might be!
  1. There is something so soul soothing about being the near, and in the water. Watching a river run, or gazing at the reflection of the woods on the lake, or immersing yourself in the waves of the ocean, or soaking your feet in a stream… once you’ve experienced it, it becomes a craving of the heart.
  1. And finally, some of us like to say: by staying hydrated with the Living Water, we will truly be fed. This, I choose. I say, whoever your Living Water is, keep drinking.20150410_130540

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