For this Obstacle Race workout, I was relatively random (hence “Fartlek). I think sometimes it’s a good idea to go with a plan that you don’t have to be too rigid about. (I mean, I guess, if you’re like me: usually VERY regimented about sticking with the exact plan, lest I be Lazy.)

My goal was to do some:

  • Monkey bar training
  • SL squats for endurance
  • Wall jumping


This playground has three different types of monkey bars, all of which I had to share with other children, so I just monkeyed around for about 10 minutes or more.

Then, I moseyed to a place I could do what I call Split Squats with the back leg elevated. I need to work on my leg endurance, so I did 20 with body weight only.

Then I practiced my wall approach, hoisted my little body over, depth jumped down and repeated for four reps.

Then I repeated the process.

One of the reasons I like to have a rigid plan – for myself and for clients- is it’s so easy to kind of wimp out of our full potential. This was one of those days for me. But I let myself off the hook because I super hit it hard this week.

I like to always be real, be authentic, by truthful. And I think it should also transfer to times when I need to be easy on myself. I am often harsh with myself about being real about the effort I put in, (“C’mon was THAT all you had?! Can’t you give more!?” etc.) but I forget that includes letting myself off the hook when I need an easy day.

Let me encourage you, my Balls to the Wall sisters, to do the same thing!

Enjoy this workout! Let me know how it goes!










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