When you accomplish a goal… like after a 5k or marathon or triathlon or Crossfit games or obstacle race, or a 6-week Bootcamp, you know THAT’S not the thing, right?


Of course it feels incredible to have accomplished something you worked hard for, but if you were to break it up into a story, the truth is, it’s the Act 2 that’s The Thing.


Act 1 – make a plan or goal

Act 2 – Work toward those goals (the process)

Act 3 – Accomplish the goal

I should probably say Act 2 takes up about 98.6% of the show, and encompasses many scenes like:

Scene 1 “yay I’m excited I set a goal! Ra Ra let’s go!!”

Scene 2 “this sucks. It’s really hard!! What the hell!!??”

Scene 3 “I am really glad I stuck with it!”

Or something like that.

But it’s the PROCESS, isn’t it? It’s the process that makes it so rewarding!

That’s why I think giving less than 100% is not an option. If I accomplish a goal and leave feeling like a “finisher” and not a “conqueror,” then I know I half-assed the process. And I don’t want to do that anymore.

Wow! The rewards of conquering!








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