I can’t say I completely made this one up, but like we used to say in the aerobics world back in the day: “there are no new moves.” So I made some slight changes to this workout I found on Pinterest posted by the Superhuman Barbell Club in 2013.

Don’t think less of me if I don’t have the right name for the exercise I’m doing. I just make stuff up sometimes.

Here’s the workout:

10 handstand push-ups (This is a modified version because I know I can’t get 10 regular handstand push ups – especially on the third set!. Get into as tight of a pike position as you can handle, and do handstand push ups)

10 plank to pike on stability ball (roll the ball under you to a plank position, then roll again to a pike position)


10 thruster (remember to drive through the heals and butt, not toes and knees, and then get that bar UP, not in front of you.)

10 chin up (Chin ups have your hands facing you. I’m using a super band to help me.)

1:00 handstand


10 KB or DB snatch

10 clap push-ups (WAY more fun than you might think! haha)

10 dead lifts

10 pull-ups (I’m using a super band and finishing strong!)

X3 rounds!

I have done this workout with 15 of everything too and it’s SUPER challenging!

Don’t quit until your done!

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