What’s the joke people will say while you’re running? “What are you running FROM?” hahaha…. or “If you’re not running AWAY from something, why bother?” Very funny, right?

So I thought today. NO! I am not running away from something, I’m running TO something!

That’s a great shift in perspective, isn’t it?


Doesn’t that energize you?

What are YOU running to? A promotion in your job? A new career? Weight loss? A vacation in Bali? A children’s book put to bed? Getting children to college? Finishing college? A Trifecta?


I’m not telling you trail running is one of the greatest joys on the planet because I’m a personal trainer and the health benefits are almost infinite, I’m telling you trail running is one of the greatest joys on the planet for all the metaphors about life:


You might be on a trail that is so long the end is nowhere in site. There could be a bend in the road preventing your view. That bend could lead to more bends, or it could lead to a great uphill, or a rolling downhill. You could agonize over putting one foot in front of the other, or you could notice the beautiful scenery along the way.

You could be looking out in the direction of the finish line, but all you see is a giant hill and blue skies above. You don’t know what’s on the other side of that peak, but you do know for sure the sights are going to be incredible! At the top, you could sit a while and take in the view. Or you could strategize the next trip. Or you could just take a deep breath and dive down.


I believe perspective is everything. But there is always some underlying truth no matter what.

One person can see the hill as steep; another sees it as a rise in the road. One person can see the hill as shaley, while another sees it as surefooted. One person can see a hill as muddy, while another sees it as damp.

It’s all a matter of perspective, but there is one underlying truth: It is a hill.

The perspective boils down to experience and training. But we are never ever to judge someone else’s word because we will never be in their running shoes.

You could be dashing merrily along a wooded path in a perfect pace and abruptly stub your toe on a root. You could fall and break a bone. You could choose the left fork over the right and unexpectedly catch the most breathtaking sight you’ve every laid eyes on! This could stop you in your tracks like no other day in your life.


I love finding trails with obstacles: puddles to jump over, fallen trees to duck under, sand to grind through, rocks to climb past. These obstacles not only provide tactile awareness of my humanness, they help me build courage, and create in me a person I want to be.

I hope you will lace up your shoes, put on your tracker and set your gaze firmly on that trail all the way to the end – past blind bends, and steep hills, and unsure footing, and dangerous obstacles. Run Toward something amazing! Run Toward that thing that brings you joy. Run Toward what makes you a better you!

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