If I did more of This…..


Not sure if i’m doing this right, but it feels good.


I would be doing less of That.


(Yes! that’s me agonizing over my injured leg!)


And I’m not talking about Yoga in general. I don’t think Yoga is for everyone. (It’s not for me!)

However, I think yoga Poses are right for everyone. I have not met a soul (yogis excluded) who didn’t need to work on mobility in some area of their lives.


It seems like there is a yoga Pose that fits every mobility need, whether spine mobility, shoulder mobility, ankle mobility, hip mobility, etc.


Despite what people will say, Yoga is not a “relaxing” practice. And thus NOT something I do after a hard workout.

I find it one of the most challenging and painful experiences. But if I save a little bit of energy after my workout to “flow” through a couple less demanding Poses, I leave with a better feeling in my joints.

Maybe you’re in the same camp.

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