Your Own Drum

There is like one, maybe two reasons I can think of to look forward to being… well, “elderly.”

Someone posted a meme saying something to the affect that people who know how to speak their mind are authentic, and we should all seek that quality. I totally agree, of course as long as we don’t hurt others.

Unfortunately, it won’t apply to anyone under, like 80 years old.

I like to swear. And if I were to be “Authentic,” you would have seen a few of them in this essay by now. But I know if I use certain words there is a huge population that would judge (“Only stupid people swear”), and/or x out of this blog, so I (mostly) forgo my Authenticity in favor of the status quo.

BUT, if I were in my 8th or 9th decade, I’d have more people saying “You go girl!” or “She’s so cute.” Or “At least she’s being Authentic.” Don’t shake your head! I know if Audrey Hepburn cursed, you wouldn’t lose one ounce of respect for her.

I personally love Authentic people. Even people who are trying out a new Self, (i.e. teenagers) are fun to watch. I think it’s important for young people to experiment with what’s comfortable on them. Not to say they don’t need guidance and direction from mature adults, however. You see a lot of teens meander down the wrong road because they allowed themselves to get entrenched in the wrong crowd, thus becoming In-Authentic grown ups.

Which, I would speculate, is many of us.

I am a person who, in fact, did NOT get mature adult guidance. So I am left in my early 50s still figuring out what I should look like, sound like, feel like. Anyone else? (Seriously! Bad parents, take note, it IS your fault your kids are fucked up!)

But I digress, because I’m here to talk about gym-time.

I am a gym-rat. And there are few places I feel more at home than in my gym. I know the gym is probably second to churches for a lot of people in “Most Uncomfortable Places To Go.” But I so want others to feel the same freedom of enjoying their strength, their power, their agility, their mental toughness, their confidence… as I do.

My goal is to cultivate an environment where everyone can be their best selves and no one judges. I wholeheartedly am NOT talking about being disrespectful of other people’s feelings, and other people’s Authentic Self! But I am talking about moving, dressing, and speaking in a way that allows each of us to be our absolute Best Selves.

I have a personal policy of doing my very best to make choices that do not cause others to stumble. I never want to challenge someone else’s resolve (as in the case, for example, of not having a beer around someone struggling to quit alcohol). (However, Seriously! Do you really, for reals need to judge a hearty “FUCKYEA!!” from someone who just exceeded a goal!?)

I have had clients come to a class and dramatically march to their own drum instead of doing what the rest of us are doing. Again, within the framework of the class, who the hell cares?! I loved when a member changed her Step Aerobics moves to match her ballet background. She was beautiful and graceful and the rest of us could do our thing and she could do hers and no one’s space was invaded and it was awesome!

In my gym, we have common sense to respect others’ space… others’ Authentic Self, but we get to be ourselves too.

Let’s do this!










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