“I am a professional athlete.”

They say your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

I’m counting on that.


Ever since I decided I wanted to be a professional athlete, I started visualizing success at races. That is: Fast. Strong. Powerful. Conquering obstacles. Sprinting up hills. Athleticism. Winning.

Seriously, basketball players who visualize 3-point shots are more likely to hit them than those who don’t visualize.

However, I think the behavior change is the miracle, not anything supernatural.

Decide you want something, and suddenly you are moving in that direction despite yourself.


I’m talking to you about goals again! Believe you Can and you Will, and you stand taller, you speak more clearly, you wake up with purpose. You run faster! Stronger! More Powerfully! But more importantly, your actions start speaking louder than your words. Thoughts turn into habits, turn into behaviors, turn into results!

And you win!

I am a professional athlete.





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