Setbacks come easy, it seems. One wrong move, one wrong word, one wrong thought and a mindset can shatter.



Most of us set goals because there is at least a part of us that believes we can achieve. And even if we have a lot of self-doubt, we want to believe in our abilities.

But there are times when our mental resolve runs low. Maybe it’s rainy days. Maybe it’s not enough sleep. Maybe it’s physical pain. Maybe it’s too much other stress (I write this during the Christmas holiday).


Believing in my abilities is so new to me, it’s only by constant reminder of what I “should” think that keeps my head above water. I read the memes on my Instagram for this reason. I have certain podcasts that inspire me. The fact that I have “Relentless Forward Progress,” tattooed on my arm is probably the main reason I don’t spiral too far.




I wonder if chronic optimists know how hard it is for the rest of us to stay on top of things. I think they have no idea.

But They’re right about smiling, even though we’re crying inside. Answering “I’m doing great!” when we feel like crawling in a hole. Definitely something to be said for “Fake it ‘til you Make it.” But a real setback calls for some serious digging deep into some serious willpower.



But it’s worth it. It’s always worth it: tapping into that willpower. Tapping deep into whatever you know to be what you must do… what you MUST do! in order to finish well.


We must finish well. We must not believe in whatever that move was, that word was or that thought was. We must cling to even the one thin thread that can pull us out. Because it’s true… believe that you Can and you Will, even if only by a tiny thin thread, will make it so.



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