I like millennials.

Well I like some millennials.You know, those 20-something to early 30-something people who are everywhere now.

I’m in the process of buying a bike from a millennial store owner. And I’m particularly fond of this one because a) he’s a nice guy and b) he’s trying to eek out a living with something that benefits the health and wellness of our community, something near and dear to my heart.


I guess what bothers me about millennials– and this guy is no exception– is how I’m treated. I don’t want to be treated like an old lady.

And I understand it’s probably going to happen more and more, not less and less. So rather than complain about it, I figured I should just say something about it.



“Don’t fucking treat me like an old lady! I am stronger and more powerful than any woman you know YOUR age!” is what I want to say. I am not strong “for my age” I am fucking strong for any age!

And there in lies my Why.


Why do I go to the gym and train hard? Why do I consistently get my ass out of bed to challenge my limits? I do not want to be frail! And I certainly don’t want to be treated that way! I want my legacy to include being a strong, resilient, tenacious, and a winner in a sport dominated by people half my age.


I know there will come a day when I get diminishing returns, but now is not the time, and I’m asking you to please not treat me like I’m half in the fucking grave! Yes, that is what I want you to know, my little millennial friends who have spent a tiny, tiny fraction of the time I have in the saddle, on your feet and in the gym making it happen.

No offense.





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