If you were my client, I would talk to you about your goals, ambitions and expectations for yourself. Among the questions is a very important one to consider: “What would stop you from accomplishing your goal?”

Some people have family that isn’t into exercise, so they’re tempted to watch TV instead of hit the gym.

Some people have food addictions that cause them to sabotage an otherwise good diet.

Some people have nagging injuries.

I get lost.


When I am on a run, and if I lose my way, I become a different person. Within seconds, I am incapable, worthless, stupid, I’ll never succeed, I can’t wait until my dying day, I wish it was right now.

I little extreme, I know.

I have learned that whatever one of us experiences, thousands of others do also.

Anyone with me?

I am learning to recognize the Truth… um, no wait… I am learning to re-interpret my Truth, I should say.

You know those feel-good gurus and pastors who tell you the “Truth” is: you are loved and beautiful and worthy, and have a good purpose in this world, etc? And so they say, when you’re having one of those horrible days: “Recognize the Truth, dear one.”


But, for some of us “love” and “beautiful” are the antitheses to the Truth. They can’t tell us to “notice” or “recognize” or tell ourselves the “Truth,” because just the sound of that word is identical to “you suck,” “you’ll never make it,” “Why do you even try?”

They need to understand, it’s a complete 180 mind-shift.

Anyone with me?

So, I guess what I should say is, I am learning change my mindset. I so much want to succeed! I so much want to make a difference in this world! I so much want to have a purpose! When I believe that’s possible, I am empowered. Strong. Capable. Maybe it’s not the Truth, but it feels good to consider.


Anyone with me?

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