Hiring the right Personal Trainer can change your life!

When you’re ready to make that investment of time and money, check out these 5 tips– that you have never heard before — that will help find a perfect fit for You.

Tip 1: Speaks the right language – What’s important to you?

What are the most important things to you about having a trainer? Do you want someone who is an encourager, with regular Great Jobs, or high fives? Do you want someone to have a conversation with, or someone who doesn’t want to have a conversation? Is getting constant feedback on form important to you, or not getting constant feedback on form? Take some time to observe the trainer with other clients, or ask current clients how their trainer does in the areas that are most important to you. Observe their social media. Do they address any of these areas?


Tip 2: Speaks your language-Goals!

Do you have a wedding in four months you’d like to look amazing for? Do you have an event next month you want to be amazing in? Do you want to golf your best game ever in December of this year? If your trainer doesn’t get excited with you, and write down these dates in your file, you might find some conflict between your goals and theirs.


Tip 3: Speaks Gym — Experience.

The most experienced trainer is not always the best. But the best trainers spend time honing their craft. A lot of trainers will argue this tip, but it’s something I feel very strongly about. Look for a trainer who works the gym, uses the equipment, and/or posts pictures and videos of routines she/he has done. I spend lots of hours in the gym learning how to use my body with various pieces of equipment, thinking about how other bodies might feel on the equipment, processing the words to use to explain how a person should feel on this particular equipment, and I believe it is something that increases my value exponentially. All good trainers should do this! Would you ever buy a piece of art from someone who never showed you her work? Would you ask a designer to decorate your house without seeing his Pinterest page?


Tip 4: Speaks – Communication

Here’s another touchy topic with trainers. The best Personal Trainers are willing to give out their personal contact information. You should be able to text, Message, or email your trainer any time you want. It is their responsibility to decide when to return the message. You two need to have the understanding that they might be training, or might be off hours. But you need to know you will be heard at some point. Trainers don’t just spend hours in the gym, we also spend lots of hours on the computer researching and writing and designing programs. So a quick response isn’t always possible. But knowing your trainer will respond to your fitness needs whenever they can, could be all the difference in your success.


Tip 5: Speaks the Language you can afford – Cost

You don’t always get what you pay for. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less. But the cost has to be something that fits into your budget because, I’m going to tell you now… hiring a Personal Trainer can be additive! It’s like flying first class. You never want to go back! When you find the right gal/guy, you want to give your very best for them! You have a person you can trust to get you toward your goals. You genuinely feel like have a partner who can change your life. This is, for reals, the power of a personal trainer. So, if you’ve decided to take the plunge, budget for the long haul.


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