Faith, I’m told, is believing in something not yet seen.

I can think of a million metaphors for life in Obstacle Course Race Training. Today, it’s about faith.

An 8-foot wall is about two and half feet higher than most women. That’s as tall as your 1–year old. About from your ankle to your knee. Just a little under the length of a yard-stick. And inches above your farthest reach from your tippy toes. It’s up there. Can you see it?


Today, I conquered the 8-foot wall. And then every time I did it again, I couldn’t see not being able to do it.

What is that? How is that possible? Yesterday I couldn’t do it. But today I can do it pretty much always?


I think it’s because… so Faith is belief in the unknown, right? But not of just something random, but something maybe that we fear. I mean there has to be some element of fear in there, right? Or else we’d just be on it!

But I did it, and now I don’t have to fear it. So once I conquered the fear, all that’s left is belief in my ability to do it.

That’s Obstacle Race Training! There is so much to “fear.” I think: “I can’t,” or “I don’t know if I can,” is probably the most likely thought (Fear of Failure).

But it takes tiny wins — which can happen every day in the gym – to build big wins that make us dramatically changed people.

I know the issue of Faith is infinitely deep. But I don’t think we can go wrong developing our “Faith” muscles. And I think setting out to conquer obstacles is great way to do that.

Check out the video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx5cWaElnog&t=31s

on You Tube at Next Level Fitness Training & OCR


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