I get to the event to learn there might not be a Competitive heat.

I’m crestfallen.

(I’m here to win. I’m here to win! I’m at an event where the race directors don’t know if they’re going to run a competitive heat?!! That’s why I’m here! To compete!! To say “I’m an Elite Athlete.”) My mind and emotions are in complete control, but my heart is screaming.


Then, I look at the Sharpie written on my arm:“100%. Nothing Less.” And “I Win.” Those are two indisputable truths to my day. No matter what, the agreement I have with myself is to give 100%. And by doing so, I Win. My tattoo reads: Relentless Forward Progress. That is one indisputable truth for my life.


To be truly OK with whatever circumstance is either a gift, or, I think, for most of us, a long and arduous, lifelong journey. No matter how privileged we are, we want what we worked for… we want what we believe we deserve… we want what seems right.


We ended up with 16 competitors – Four of them women. But more importantly, I got to practice being ok with intending to give God my best no matter what — even if only for a few minutes.

I won the race. I won the race! And it feels AWESOME!

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