So we have this really nice house… like one most people would come into and say “this is a really cool house.”

When we bought it, I really wanted it to be organized, clean, and “rich” looking. You know, like how you see them decorated in on HGTV?

But the reality is, we have furniture in convenient locations, rather than proper locations. And we have magazines strewn about. And we have mail and computers and dog toys and a bag of recycles in plain view. The walls are virtually empty of art, and the bookshelves have the when-I-get-time-to-organize,-these-should-go-somewhere-near-here items shoved on them, plus a hammer and nails, incase I find a picture that should go up.

There is this very distinct dividing line between what I want to see, and what I see.

And I wonder if that’s the way our lives, in general, are.

I want to look a certain way, but the reality is, my hair is way past due, my sweaters are pilling, and my posture sucks. My outward appearance, like the first impression of my home is a complete contradiction to what I desire.

The thing about this is, it bothers me, and yet I think I know for a fact that it’s completely normal.

Isn’t it?









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