I guess I have a lot of pet peeves. The saying: “A Whole ‘nother…” is one of them, as well as “Each and every one of you.” People leaving their grocery carts in the middle of the parking lot is just living proof what a f****** lazy species we’ve become.

And the concept of “Cheat Days” just seems twisted.

You know, when your friend says: “I’ve been ‘Bad…’” …because she ate a piece of chocolate cake…. or Easter candy… or some alcoholic beverage other than a martini.”

Cheat days just seem so fake to me. I feel like people who have Cheat days are just in it for the game. There’s a beginning and an end. And they anticipate some day to be some kind of winning grand finale… “oh everyone celebrate me because I’ve made it through the last three months eating nothing but red Snapper and egg whites!”

I feel like people who have Cheat days are those who don’t really get that every day is simply about choosing habits that build us up, not tear us down.

I think people who have Cheat days, are inviting a virus in their hope to, or decision to, or commitment to live a healthy life.

Once you welcome a virus, it will exponentially infect your life. Then, eventually it becomes the norm.

Today my husband and I had beer and tater tots at a local pub. It is not unusual for us to belly up to the bar. We are not ashamed to admit we had a toasted bagel and cream cheese the other day. I will tell you I keep a stash of jellybeans in my car. I don’t ascribe any meaning to these choices other than they are foods that don’t support our mission to be at the top of our game, so we choose them sparingly. But they are not Cheat foods.

I think if you occasionally desire foods that don’t support your otherwise wholesome lifestyle, it’s no different than occasionally choosing to get a tattoo, or sit in a tanning booth, or drive a car instead of ride a bike to work, or wear synthetic fabrics instead of natural, or color your hair…

I’m saying, sometimes we just make choices that don’t support our overall best mission in our lives, but choosing to put a word like “Cheat” to it, I think, gives it too much authority; too much power. I think, just let it be, and move on with the overarching theme of your life to be as well as possible.









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