Someone asked the other day if she should eat breakfast before working out in the morning. It’s a complicated question to answer. Because I get eating questions asked of me often, I decided to compile a quick list of my personal beliefs around food. They are MY BELIEFS, I am not telling anyone what to do. They also reveal my shortcomings, where I admit I must take more responsibility. Not necessarily in this order. And not comprehensive.


  • Eat plenty of wholesome not-damaged, healthy fat
  • Eat almost no processed foods
  • Never EVER eat a donut, or the like
  • Fast food is never an option – unless a sandwich at Safeway counts, or a quarter pound of some kind of salad and a half a dozen Kalamata Olives from the Deli isle. In that case, when traveling or in a hurry, fast food is awesome.
  • Poultry must be farm raised or at least as Free Range as possible
  • Where we live, there is no excuse for anything less than farm-raised eggs
  • Beef must be grass finished
  • Shop the farmer’s market for in-season vegetables
  • Put raw vegetables in a blend or smoothie as often as possible
  • If you can’t afford wholesome, whole foods, eat less, or pay less for something else
  • SLOW DOWN! Take a bite and chew before swallowing
  • Fast at least 12 hours every day, maybe more
  • Cravings last about 90 seconds, but habits are hard to break
  • Drink as close to ½ your body weight in ounces of filtered water every day
  • Take vitamin D!!! (Make sure to include Vitamin K rich Kale in the smoothies)
  • A proper “Cleanse” will consist of 100% organic raw vegetables, as many as much as you want
  • Experiment with different types of fats: pour over salad, chicken, vegetables, grains, blended smoothies…
  • If you eat a lot of man-made processed foods today, keep fat consumption low today
  • A fit body will be able to make adjustments to a change in diet, so don’t freak out about the occasional piece of in-season fruit-pie calling your name, or birthday cake, or someone else’s cooking
  • An ideal meal or snack includes healthy fat, protein and carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, including, and primarily, non-starchy vegetables
  • Stop before you’re full, unless you’re out with friends and you just want to let go. In that case, don’t freak out, just enjoy and make adjustments tomorrow
  • Know how much alcohol you should not consume
  • Calories in vs Calories out is a lie!


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