Any person who has made it to the top of their game will tell you it took 10 times (10X) more effort to get there than they ever dreamed possible.

Although I am light years away from reaching the pinnacle of my personal expectations, I’m learning how to set myself up to win.

Here are my suggestions to help all of us go 10X for our Dreams. Not necessarily in chronological order

  1. Eat vegetables – Vegetables are the only way we’re going to get the nutrition our bodies needs to fight disease caused by stress.
  2. Read/learn – We should never allow ourselves to be so busy that we don’t have time to read and learn something about our business and our self.
  3. Do posture exercises all day – Standing and walking taller gives us confidence. Slumping does the opposite. When we exercise, we need to be sure to strengthen the back muscles and stretch the chest muscles.
  4. Breathe properly – When we breathe diaphragmatically – among other things – we build core strength, we are able to ward of stress more easily, and we stand taller.
  5. Love others – Everything we aspire to being and doing must revolve around this. Otherwise, why are we doing it?! Others’ needs must be at the very core of everything we ever want to do.
  6. Meditate on a higher being –Whatever our belief is, we should express our gratitude for the amazing wisdom, knowledge and experiences we have to drive toward what we have been called to do.
  7. Go outside among the trees and dirt – Barefoot if possible. If you haven’t been grounding your body to the earth lately… you should.
  8. Literally write down your goals every day with a Commitment to be 1% better every day. The best of the best in the world, people we admire the most, set their intentions on paper.
  9. Stay strong with resistance training. Lifting heavy helps build confidence, especially when we measure progress.
  10. Sleep – without sleep we’re screwed. There is no research that shows lack of sleep does any good, but enough sleep makes tons of difference.





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