I’ve been competing for nearly 25 years now. I’ve been an age-group winner for nearly as long, and recently, I’ve stood on the podium as an over-all winner with people half my age. And I have never, ever had a Coach.

I feel competent to find the right running shoes, shorts and bra to get me to the finish line. I feel sure that on race day, I can get my hair, my bib number and my chip-timer fastened just right.

And when I talk to fellow Racers, The Coach is not a central part of the discussion.

So when I decided to go for a Figure Competition, I thought I could check out the rules on line, buy me a bling-bling bikini and be on my way. Little did I know….! Who knew a Coach was an integral part of this whole process. Who knew, that without a coach, I’d be going to battle without a weapon.

A Coach needs to tell me everything from how to shower to how to pee. This is seriously not an activity for the week in spirit!

People keep telling me “It’s Fun!” but I keep saying: “Without ropes and 8’ walls! Impossible!” I better at least get a good Blog out of it, because i’m not quite feeling the joy. (The financial commitment itself makes me want to cry, not to mention the shoes.)

But I AM forging forward. I decided it’d be better to feel Outside my Comfort Zone, then it would be to feel not living out a Bucket List item while I had the chance.

Can you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now never making a move toward something Outside your Comfort Zone that you know will make you stronger? I can’t. In fact, I want to relentlessly pursue those things that lead me to Better Every Day.

How a beauty contest leads me to Better Every Day may seem like a stretch to you, but there are characters in good business people that I want to learn, and that this show, I hope, will teach me. The concepts of:

  • Don’t give a shit what other people think
  • Fake it till you make it

And not necessarily in that order. 1) I need to be confident in my ability! Too often I walk with my head down for fear people will find me out – that I’m stupid and ugly; The gig is up; I should not be here. But that voice is just fear about what people think of me. I may not be the sharpest tack, but I am certainly not stupid! I have God-given intelligence, wisdom and experiences that make what I have to share with the world, important. There is something about visually showing that posture to the world, that helps make it real. Which brings me to 2) If at any point, I am not feeling it – I need to Fake it! When the right people catch wind of insecurities, we’re sunk. Insecurities have nothing to do with reality. They are just old tapes. People telling us we’re not pretty, we’re not good enough, we’re unworthy. They are not the truth! Sometimes we need to Fake it until we remember the truth!

What better way to learn these lessens then promenading with a Vaseline-compelled smile, in a teensy tinsy bikini, and crippling platform shoes on a brightly lit stage where people are actually, literally judging me.

What next, Coach?


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