I’m on my way to the venue and I’m finally getting excited about this figure competition.

I just realized, I must remember it’s not an Obstacle Course Race or a 10k or a duathlon.

I’ve been looking for the Fun in all this, but analyzing the list: more money than I have for bikini, entry, dues, make-up, jewelry, coaching etc… the silly poses…funky food and water advice to muddle through – I just don’t see it.

There are no walls to conquer or ropes to climb, no pace to beat, no heart rate:RPE to seek.

But a figure competition is not a race.


I’m one of very few women I’ve ever known to be completely content in her body. I get to stand on stage and demonstrate to a panel of judges and an audience what my years of hard work and daily dedication to a fit and healthy body looks like. I am not in it for this event alone, I am in it for life. And I get to show that attitude to hundreds of people!

That’s the joy of it. It’s deeply personal like a painter would feel when her masterpiece is displayed in a gallery; like an author would feel when his non-fiction makes a top readers list.

There is a certain amount of vanity to a figure competition, but not any more than anyone who dedicates her life to something she hope others will admire.


Not saying that my body is a masterpiece or the great novel, but being on the stage can give me a certain voice.

Not everyone is cut out for a figure competition. Just like not everyone is cut out for boxing or jockeying. So I’m not going to stand up there to proclaim “everyone can do this.” Some bodies are clearly not meant for 9% body fat.

But I do want to stand up there to say whatever you want to do, do it with all your heart and soul. Don’t half-ass something you know is in God’s plan for you. Make decisions funnel through what it is you need to make it happen. Set your mind to “Yes,” and go.

Don’t be intimidated to claim the prize – whatever it is: an actual prize, a contract, a client —  Hold your head up high as if you’ve already won. Not as if you’re better than everyone, but as if you’re qualified, and the hard work and dedication you have put into it is exactly what people are looking for.

Don’t be embarrassed to announce your confidence. Seriously.

And Have Fun!


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