I spent a half hour cleaning my hair brush today.

This was not in my scheduled plan for the day. Neither was writing this blog.

I want more than just about anything to be a successful businesswomen. Most of my waking and sleeping hours revolve around asking the question, “How can I succeed at business?”

The answer that pops up the most is the idea of being more regimented. I know business people who have every moment accounted for in an excel file. It seems logical that I should have an hour mapped out for planning classes, an hour and a half mapped out for video, 15 minutes for bookkeeping, etc., until all my responsibilities have been touched.

But then, where would cleaning my hair brush come in? I could never have anticipated the need to carve out 30 minutes for Hair Brush Cleaning. Which means, of course, this blog would never have been written.

For this reason, I guard my loose schedule in defense of my creative spirit.

Does anyone hear me?

Or do I seriously need to change?

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