I just texted my husband that we should find a place where he can get the scone he’s been craving and I can get my pancakes. So, I think we’re going to plan a weekend sometime this month to do that.

Food is as much a negotiating commodity as anything else in our lives.

I’m not talking about dieting. I wish we didn’t see making food choices as dieting. I listened to a podcast yesterday where the doctor said we need to make nutritional choices for the lifestyle that we want to have. I like the way that sounds.

Do you want to feel energetic and not sluggish in the middle of your day?
Do you want to not have joint pain when you wake up?
Do you want to have nice looking skin and hair?
Do you want to avoid getting sick every time you’re ready to go on vacation?
Do you want to be an active aging person?
Whatever lifestyle it is that we want to have, we must make the right nutritional choices to support that.

You would do the same with your finances. And with your time, for example. You negotiate dollars today for dollars tomorrow. You negotiate time to sleep-in, with time to wash your hair… Oh wait, that’s me. I’m sure you have lots of important things you have to plan for one in favor of the other. If you’re so stressed at work that you’re often sick, or diseased, you’ll have some choices to make, right? You could cut hours/change jobs etc., or you could die a slow and painful death. It’s YOUR Lifestyle.

If your food habits are not supporting the lifestyle you want to have, change. Yes, that might mean you need more wholesome, whole foods. Yes, that might mean you have to clear your cabinets of Cheetos and Pop Tarts. Yes, that might mean you have to limit alcohol. Yes, that might mean you have to plan your date with scones and pancakes.


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