I just realized everything ever written about fitness and exercise is not written for me, unless it is written for me.

I’m a fitness trainer and coach who reads a lot of fitness articles:

  • Benefits of Exercise
  • Greatest Core Exercises
  • How to rev up your metabolism
  • How to gain muscle and lose fat
  • etc.

And then…

  • Benefits of Exercise For the Aging Athlete
  • Greatest Core Exercises for those over 50
  • What Baby Boomers want
  • The best exercise for aging muscles
  • etc.

I’m at an age where I am not the general population anymore. I am a whole separate demographic.

It’s an interesting phenomenon to be in the minority; I’ve been in the majority for so many decades. Even though boomers still make up most of the population, the reality is most of the population outdoors making life happen, writing and reading about it is a lot younger.

And they are people who can’t see me as one of them.

I am far more competitive now than I was in my 30s. But among the young, the default mentality for people my age is to stay home to perform my range of motion exercises instead of joining them for a run through mud to jump over 8 foot walls and crawl under 50 yards of barbed wire.


Unfortunately, I have chosen a career and hobby path in which my age is a factor — I don’t get better among other experts. I don’t get more chances to win. I don’t look like the majority of the competition as, say, a writer or a physician or a realtor would.

And young people know it. When I won a race, the guy distributing the prize didn’t believe me. When I check my bag at Spartan, I get “Have you ever done one of these before?” When I crank out a dozen pull ups the ref is incredulous, but when the gal next to me does, there’s no reaction. I’m just not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong! I appreciate when people admire my athleticism. But it doesn’t mean it’s not hard to accept that they are admiring my athleticism “for my age.”










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